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Homes, Condos, and Apartments in Midtown, Omaha


Midtown Omaha is generally defined within the following borders:

  • Cuming Street, to the north
  • Center Street, to the south
  • 24th Street, to the east
  • Saddle Creek Road / 60th Street, to the west

Major efforts to revitalize Midtown Omaha began in May, 2004. Today, Midtown contains homes, condos, and apartments for nearly 30,000 residents, as well as businesses employing over 40,000 people within its nearly four square mile area.

Educational institutions in Midtown include:

Midtown is also home to numerous parks and recreational areas, many which are quite historic. Some of these area include:

Travers Row 26th St Marys


Looking for a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom? Travers Row is a BRAND NEW COMMUNITY! Built in 1916, these Historical brick row homes have been completely revamped! Great location between downtown and midtown, and close to I-480.

2 Bedroom Row House For Rent

3 bedroom Row House For Rent

4 bedroom Row House For Rent