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Interest Rates Today

Posted on April 8, 2022 by Tyler McDonald in Uncategorized

It seems the current BIG question in real estate is how the rising interest rates will impact the housing market. After seemingly bottoming-out in January 2021, the average 30-year mortgage rate has gone from a low of 2. 65 percent to 4.2 to 4.8 percent for the week ending March 26, 2022. Rising rates may […]

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SPRING is about to SPRING! 

Posted on February 14, 2022 by Tyler McDonald in Uncategorized

It is just around the corner, are you ready? Winter is about to make its departure and spring will soon be making its appearance. The first day of spring is known as the vernal equinox, In Latin, the word vernal means spring and equinox means equal night. Spring occurs this year on March 22nd. Here are some interesting facts […]

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