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Boutique Real Estate vs. Big Company Real Estate: 3 Myths

Posted on November 4, 2015 by Kim Bultsma in Boutique Real Estate

Boutique Real Estate companies are a big deal.

In today’s marketplace, is there a clear-cut advantage in going with a big name real estate company instead of a boutique real estate company? Not really. We’re going to dispel some of the myths surrounding big box realty companies and why choosing the personable, friendly Sandi Downing Real Estate agents will exceed your Omaha area real estate needs beyond expectation.

Myth #1: Big name real estate companies are more easily accessible than boutique real estate companies.

Just because a real estate company has locations on every corner like McDonald’s doesn’t equate to their quality of knowledge in the local real estate market. The agents at Sandi Downing Real Estate know the Omaha area real estate market and have over 50 years of combined real estate experience. Our agents live in the Omaha area. Our agents dine in the Omaha area. Our agents have taken the time to truly get to know the Omaha area and its real estate marketplace. They dedicate themselves to providing personalized service using techniques they know have worked–not just the canned number you find with many big box realty companies that train all their agents the same way.

Myth #2: Big real estate companies have more agent loyalty than boutique real estate companies.

We get it–big real estate companies get their name out there by the sheer amount of signs in yards. But that doesn’t always mean their agents are more loyal. Many large real estate companies aren’t as selective in who they hire. The agents at Sandi Downing Real Estate, however, are dedicated to real estate in the Omaha marketplace. They hang their Sandi Downing Real Estate signs with pride, and they stick with us because they have the same values we do: to take time getting to know the client, to help the client find the right house, and to make the home buying and home selling processes as seamless and relaxed as possible–what Sandi Downing herself refers to as “exceptional client services”. We want our clients to have a seamless move from start to finish!

Not only do we have great agent loyalty, but we also have amazing client loyalty, too. We are proud of our many 5-star reviews you can also find on Trulia and Zillow–see them all for yourself here.

Myth #3: Big real estate companies can design better programs for buyers and sellers than boutique real estate companies.

In theory, this might sound true. The bigger real estate company can afford to create seemingly better “deals” to offer its clients. In reality, however, these programs aren’t very customizable to meet the needs of individual buyers and sellers. With a boutique real estate company such as Sandi Downing Real Estate, we work together as an agency and as agents to create programs that work for our clients and the market in which we work. Sandi Downing Real Estate doesn’t have any corporate-wide limitations to prohibit them from doing what they do best–helping buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, Sandi Downing Real Estate isn’t just for buyers and sellers of single family housing. Our agents also specialize in condos and apartments, as well as property management for investors. We also have vast experience in relocation for both military families and corporation moves, so efficiency in understanding what our clients’ needs entail is of the utmost importance.

Why a boutique real estate company like Sandi Downing Real Estate?

Sandi Downing and her team of agents have a passion for real estate. We’ve moved, been relocated–done everything our clients have done and know how to not only work the Omaha real estate market, but to offer unbeatable customer care and personalized, professional client services to our clients. To learn more about Sandi Downing Real Estate’s Exceptional Client Services, contact us today at 402-502-7477 or email us!


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